Thursday, June 25, 2009

PERU; we´re finally here. Firstly, we want to thank God for his grace and mercies upon us. And then of course a big THANK YOU to all those who supported us as a team. You don´´t know how much it means, thank you!
So let´s get down to it. Lima; the capital. What´s it like? Well I guess different is a word that definitely comes to mind. Alot of things are alien to us as expected. The food is different but definitely good, the weather is more than acceptable, traffic can get a bit crazy at times, but the hospitality of the Agape team here is more than we could ask for and we are extremly grateful for that.
So, we´ve been here for four days now. They have been four eventful days. The first day, Monday, was pretty much an orientation day. We got introduced to the Agape team, the way things are done here and a quick history of the organisation. Next on the list of introduction was the locality we would be working with, Huaycan. At first sight I think the thought that was going through eveyone´s mind was how priviledged we are. Looking at the neighbourhoods I immediately felt compassion. The living conditions were definitely lower than what I had expected. Adding the fact that the average famliy in that neighbourhood lives on about 5 dollars a day made the sight even sadder to behold.
The next day involved visiting some of the families and showing support to them. This proved to be a success as one of the local leaders is now interested in working with Agape to help the neighbourhood. The next day we visited two families and did our best to clean and rearrange their homes in an attempt to improve their living conditions. And today saw us puuting our heads together to present a drama on family violence to children, teachers and parents in a local primary school.
One of the things that I can say has propelled us to help the people we see here even more is their gratitude, their love of Christ, their absolute dependance on Him and the hope they have in Him. It poses a challenge to those of us living more comfortable lives, beacause in the midst of all the suffering seen here, Christ is still put above everything and prevailant in the lives of the people here.