Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Taxi drivers strike all over the world.

We're stuck at our accomodation this morning because all the drivers in Lima are on strike, because the government wants to raise the price on the plates! Sounds very familiar.
Anyway it would be too dangerous for our driver, Victor, to come pick us up, so we're here waiting to see if we can get out to Huaycan. So it seems like a good time to update the blog.
Over the last few days we have been involved in a variety of projects. On Thursday we were using our dramatic skills to write and act in a drama about domestic abuse. We were preforming at a School to an audience of young children and thier parents, with the aim of promoting Agape and the services they offer to those who are victims of different kinds of abuse.
On Saturday we took a group of children from troubled families to the Zoo. We each had a child to look after, and we guided them through the park with a lot of pointing and adding an 'o' to the end of words to make them sound Spanish, like penguino and camelo.
Yesterday was a public holiday, St. Peter's Day, which gave us an oportunity to see some different parts of Lima. It's hard to believe that 20 minutes away from the poverty of Hauycan, where there are people sleeping on dirt floors, with no water on there home, there are expensive seaside boutiques and luxurious shopping malls that would make Dundrum jealous. It's challening travelling between these two worlds, it makes the whole team realize that such contrasts, though maybe nit as exteme, exist in Dublin too.